New Logo

When we took over Low Nest Studios we never inherited a logo. For website and social media purposes we needed to cobble one together, which we did. As the months have rolled on while we did really like the logo we’d done, it never really felt quite right.

Over the last couple of months there is one thing that we are constantly photographing and which has stunned all visitors, the view.

Whether it’s sun, snow or torrential rain we’re constantly grabbing our cameras to photograph the constantly changing view over the Helvellyn range. So we decided to mould it into the logo.

It started out from a panoramic photograph, with the outline traced over the top:

It light look like an odd squiggle, but that is in fact the outline of the mountain range beyond High Rigg with the double top of Helvellyn at the far right, dipping down into Dunmale Raise.

We then tweaked a few lines, made it thicker, turned it into a deep red to reflect the colour of the bracken on High Rigg and added the name:

Over the next couple of weeks and months we will inevitably make tweaks to it. But we hope to have something finalised so we can add it to little nooks and crannies around the place.

Please do let us know your thoughts!

3 Word Locations

Anybody that is a fan of QI or the No Such As A Fish podcast might have already heard about this.

But a crazy business has given every 3 square meters of the world a unique 3 word phrase. We love this idea, mainly because while a postcode in a city covers 100 square metres, ours is over 2 square miles. Plus, the names can be quite funny.

We decided to see what each studios locations are:




What’s your favourite?

If you are keen to find your house in the 3 word locator check out this link:

We’re Open!

We’re officially open! It’s the start of our very first season here at Low Nest Studios and all only a matter of weeks since we got the keys. Despite a few hurdles we got there!

We’re really excited about not just the season ahead, but about the many years ahead of us. This morning was a stunningly beautiful morning (See images below) and we had a lovely walk to the Stone Circle to get Mackie exercised.

It wasn’t the smoothest of mornings prepping; the welcome packs still had John and Alisons details in it because the laminator hadn’t arrived so a mad rush printing and laminating fire instructions and maps. We then had the electrician in to do work to the new 4th apartment, put a new light into Raise’s kitchen and fix a flickering bathroom light in Dolly Wagon (however he had the wrong bit for Dolly Wagon! Doh). Open reach were also in adding an extra phone line. However the poor lad has to now lay 2.5km of new cabling (we do have WiFi for guests, as we’re adding a 4th apartment we wanted to give the internet a bit of a boost).

While all this was going on Alasdair popped into the boiler room to find the water UV filter had blown a leak and was blowing water everywhere (all fixed fairly quickly). So safe to say it wasn’t the cussiest of starts!

However we’re there! We are up, running and guests seem to be happy. So thank you to everybody who has helped us along the way and we look forward to seeing all the wonderful (and the rest of you) guests this year and next. We still have a couple of weeks left this year and 2020 is booking up fast, bookings open for 2021!