History of Low Nest Farm

As with many old Lakeland farms, the history of Low Nest farm is fascinating. Anthony has compiled a great history of Low Nest on his website: www.lownestfarm.co.uk. Below we’ve chronicled the timeline of Low Nest from it’s early guest house days, right up to the studios that we love today.

Credit for the stunning artwork of Low Nest Farm above goes to Annette McKinno.

Matt and Maggie inherit the tenancy to Low Nest Farm following the death of Maggie’s Uncle Tom.

On the recommendations of Maggie’s Aunt Sarah Jane; Maggie become one of the first farmers wives in the area to offer accommodation at Low Nest. Thus starting the Low Nest accommodation dynasty.


Matt & Maggie take on Low Nest tenancy

As word of mouth spread business boomed and soon the 4 bed farm house was getting cramped.

To accommodate all the guests; Matt and Maggie put 5 wooden chalets in the surrounding fields. In effect glamping a century before it was a thing!


Glamping, a century ahead of time.

Life at Low Nest boomed as Matt carried on farming the land and Maggie entertained the growing number of guests.

During this time they had their two daughters, Elsie and Margaret.

1920s & 30s

Pre War Years

The Lake District became a safe heaven for many from the bigger cities and the South as well as a number of evacuees who found shelter at Low Nest.


The War Years

Circa 1945

Introducing Carl

German POWs were put to work on farms across Cumbria. Low Nest was no exception. While most POWs were repatriated, one stayed; Carl Pettendrup.

In 1952 Carl and Elsie tie the know and that same year their son Anthony is born.


Carl & Elsie Marry


Electricity Arrives

Electricity arrives at the farm! Although limited to lights!

The tenancy of Low Nest Farm comes up.

Matt and Maggie loaned Carl and Elsie the £3600 required. While Matt and Maggie “retired” to Keswick it wasn’t long till they were back at Low Nest!


End of the tenancy, start of ownership.

Now the proud owners of Low Nest; Carl begins one the biggest periods of development in the farms history.

Starting with the new milking parlours (later to be Dollywaggon and White Side). This included the space age technology of milking machines!



Big change on the farm

In 1967 Maggie passed away, followed a year later by Matt. They left a legacy that last to this day as the real founders of Low Nest Farm Holidays.


Passing of Maggie & Matt

Farming in Britain has got tougher and tougher.

In the late 1980s time had come for Low Nest to concentrate on the B&B, now being run by Elsie.


End of farming at Low Nest?

As Elsie entered her 80s the third generation took over the running of the Low Nest Farm B&B.


Rise of the third generation

Not since Carl built the milking parlours had Low Nest seen such change.

Starting 2010 John and Alison began the monumental project of converting the barn into a living and dining area, while the milking parlours and old storage barn were turned into the Studios.



Launch of the Apartments

After nearly 100 years; time was called on the B&B. 


The End of the B&B

After over a decade of running Low Nest B&B and Studios John and Alison decided it was time for a new challenge and put Low Nest on the Market



Low Nest Studios goes up for sale 

At the end of 2018 we found our dream home and business. Then on the 29th January 2019 we, Alasdair, Heather and Freya moved into Low Nest Studios to start what can only be described as an incredible adventure in one of the most beautiful parts of the world, in one of the most stunning, historic and incredible farm houses in the Lake District.


Introducing the Bodens

12 months after Low Nest Studios went on the market, 100 acres of farm land that’s been owned by Low Nest Farm for centuries went under the hammer. To secure the privacy and use of the land both Alasdair and Heathers parents came to the rescue and bought 80 acres of prime farm land. Next step farming?



The “Bodens” Buy the Land